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Tour to Jerusalem,Dead sea and Beit lehem

Start of the trip is 5 00 

Arrival to the Dead sea is 9 00

Swiming at the Dead sea 2 hours

Arrival to Beit lehem is 13 00

Lunch at the local restaurant

Jerusalem 15 30

Old city

Western Wall

Departure from Jerusalem to Eilat



90$(full price)

Departure from Eilat (the driver will pick you up at the place specified in advance).
Stop on the Dead Sea Here you can buy unique cosmetics of the Dead Sea.
Stop on the Jordan River, the site of the baptism of Jesus Christ
Continuation of a trip to Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Arrival in Jerusalem Stop on the Mount of Olives, which offers a magnificent view of the old city, the Gethsemane Garden and the Kidron Valley.
Arrival in Bethlehem Here you will visit the Church of the Nativity of Christ, after which there will still be time to take a walk around the city.
Return to Jerusalem Here you will find a tour of the old city, a visit to the famous eastern bazaar, after which, through Via Dolorosa (the Way of Jesus Christ), you will visit the holy place for all Christians - the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which contains the Stone of Confirmation, Golgotha, the place the burial of Jesus Christ in which every year, on the day of the holy Easter of Christ, the miraculous convergence of the Blessed Fire occurs. Then you will be visited by the Wailing Wall, which is the final point of our excursion.
Return to Eilat



One of the oldest cities in the world and most popular

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