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Price per hours:

1-hour only 35nis

2-hours only 50nis

3-hours only 60nis

4-hours only 70 nis 

5-hours only 80nis

*Prices per hours not

including delivery!

For 24 hours:

1-Bicycle only 99nis

2-Bicycles only 189nis

3-Bicycles only 289nis

4-Bicycles only 379nis

5-Bicycles only 450nis


*With evrey reservation we provide:Helmet,lock,bottle of water,

Bicycles per days:

2-days only 179 nis

3-days only 220 nis

4-days only 273 nis

5-days only 319 nis

7-days only 390 nis

1-month only 700 nis


Price list for bicycle rental in Eilat

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